Membership Guidelines

Effective 4 February 2012

The intention of these policies is to maintain the strength and integrity of our MRP by ensuring that graduate student mentoring is consistent with and integral to the advising that graduate students are receiving through their own departments and campuses.


All members must attend one out of four meetings annually in order to maintain their membership (unless on leave). Membership status will be updated each summer.

Graduate Students

Graduate students with a committee member who is a member of the MRP should be nominated for membership by that committee member.

Graduate students who do not have a committee member who is already a member of the MRP may submit a proposal (including short statement of support from their dissertation advisor) requesting membership (to Julie Guthman). Applications will be reviewed for fit by the Steering Committee. After acceptance into the MRP, graduate students without a committee member who is a member of the MRP are strongly encouraged to consider adding an MRP faculty member to their committee.

The proposal for membership should be brief (1-2 pages) and include the following:

  • Brief research statement including project status
  • Justification for membership request that demonstrates fit between the project, the aims of the group and the work of particular faculty members, and indicates which, if any, of the MRP faculty the student hopes to work with
  • Short statement from the dissertation advisor supporting membership

Student MRP members and non-members are eligible to apply for participation in the annual dissertation retreat. Preference will be given to students who have a committee member in the MRP and active MRP members.

Post Docs and Faculty

UC-affiliated Post-doctoral fellows and Faculty who wish to join the MRP are asked to submit a brief proposal (to Julie Guthman) stating their research interests and how those interests intersect with the work of the MRP and its members. Proposals will be reviewed for fit by the Steering Committee.

Any faculty who wish to present work at quarterly work-in-progress colloquia must first attend one meeting as a participant.


Quarterly meetings will generally take place on Mondays or Fridays. (Exceptions may be made for our annual public event.) Priority in scheduling will take into account past participation by all interested members.
The dissertation retreat will generally take place each year shortly before the start of the fall quarter.

Non Member Attendance

Non-members interested in attending a meeting are generally welcome to sit in provided they contact one of the Co-Directors (Julie Guthman or Lissa Caldwell) for permission prior to the meeting. The work-in-progress pieces under discussion will not be circulated to non-members. Guests may later apply for membership if inclined.